Established in 2020, Bullion Knot has quickly become the go-to destination for ethnic fashion enthusiasts. Our curated collection surpasses trends, offering ethnic dresses that are a knot above the rest. Each dress, beautifully designed, promises to get compliments like a magnet at your events.

As one of the premier South Indian clothing labels, Bullion Knot takes pride in showcasing the region's rich textile heritage. Our contemporary half saree lehengas are a fashionable nod to tradition. The kalamkari dresses, a visual poetry of subtle patterns, charms you to a world of timeless beauty. And our banarasi and Kanchipuram sarees? A must-knot miss for any ethnic look!

Sheetal Vaghani (Founder) leads Bullion Knot with dedication and care. She ensures every dress embodies love and quality. Moreover, she expertly guides her team to excellence. In addition, she strives for complete customer satisfaction. Her passion creates exceptional designer outfits for all women. Sheetal's expertise drives Bullion Knot's success.

However, Bullion Knot's repertoire extends far beyond the realms of South Indian couture. We’ve got you covered, quite literally, for every occasion that calls for ethnic elegance. From weddings to parties, our trendsetting range of dresses, organza sarees, and lehengas ensures you'll never be in a knot for what to wear.

What truly sets Bullion Knot apart is our devotion to preserving the art of local artisans. Each embroidered motif, and every handcrafted detail, is a testament to the skill and passion of these talented individuals. By knotting with them, you not only adorn yourself in cultural splendour but also support a noble cause.

Thus, whether you're a bride-to-be seeking the picture-perfect trousseau or simply a fashionista with a penchant for ethnic wear, Bullion Knot is the ultimate destination. Tie the knot with their stunning ethnic creations, made with 100% love and a touch of sartorial magic!