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lime color long dress Maria Georgetta Party Gown
SAVE ₹1,949.00
Maria Georgetta Party Gown
Sale price₹4,550.00 Regular price₹6,499.00
Carrot Orange Midi Dress -  Bullionknot a women in orange dress
SAVE ₹970.00
Carrot Orange Midi Dress
Sale price₹4,399.00 Regular price₹5,369.00
Cockatoo Long Dress
Sale price₹4,639.00
Twilight Anarkali Dress a woman in Anarkali suits
SAVE ₹546.00
Twilight Anarkali Dress
Sale price₹5,599.00 Regular price₹6,145.00
Sugary Pink Long Gown
Sale price₹4,499.00
Chaheli Party Wear Gown from Bullionknot model with wine color Chaheli Party Wear Gown from Bullionknot
SAVE ₹1,739.00
Chaheli Party Wear Gown
Sale price₹4,050.00 Regular price₹5,789.00
Nirvanav Kalamkari Dress dark blue kalamkari dress
SAVE ₹1,235.00
Nirvana Kalamkari Dress
Sale price₹4,980.00 Regular price₹6,215.00
Snow Rainbow Party Wear Dress - Bullionknot a woman in pure georgette dress
SAVE ₹7,116.00
Snow Rainbow Party Wear Dress
Sale price₹3,049.00 Regular price₹10,165.00
Afsa Party Wear Dress
Sale price₹5,199.00
Vrajrani Party Wear Dress - Bullionknot pink Vrajrani Party Wear Dress - Bullionknot
Mohabbatein Long Dress - Bullionknot Black cream Mohabbatein Long Dress - Bullionknot

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At Bullion Knot, we believe that every woman deserves to shine and feel her best, especially when it comes to those special occasions and celebratory moments. Our exquisite collection of party wear dresses for women is meticulously designed to make you the center of attention, capturing the essence of elegance and grace.

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Be a trendsetter with our collection of new party wear dress arrivals. We continuously update our range to offer you the latest and most fashionable options for every occasion. From delicate embroideries to bold prints, our new party wear dresses cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Stay ahead in the fashion game by choosing from our freshest arrivals.

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Indulge in the allure of our captivating party wear gown for women collection. Each gown is meticulously designed to accentuate your silhouette and make you feel like the belle of the ball. Our designers combine contemporary aesthetics with traditional elegance, ensuring that you make a lasting impression at any event. With a variety of cuts, fabrics, and embellishments to choose from, our party wear embroidery dress are sure to turn heads.

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Dive into the world of haute couture with our range of party wear gown designs that redefine elegance. Our designers pour their creativity into every stitch, ensuring that each gown is a masterpiece. From intricate lacework to modern cuts, our party wear gowns are a blend of craftsmanship and style. Make a bold statement at any event with our exclusive gown designs.

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