Top 5 Women's South Indian Ethnic Brands in 2024

The Epitome of Style: Top 5 Women's South Indian Ethnic Brands

South India definitely makes a claim to be the true cultural melting pot of India with a vast textile handicraft heritage. From the fleeting organza tissue silk of this locality to the more beautiful Kalamkari women's dresses, these areas represent the root of some of the most gorgeous ethnic silk sarees and handloom sarees for women. 

Promising to be the best in the industry, the intricate designs, the luxury of the fabrics, and the timeless elegance of these top five South Indian clothing brands are loved by fashion enthusiasts all over the world. Get ready to be blown away as we bring to life an air of the haute couture where the oldies meet modern and elegance is cherished in every organza saree or half saree lehenga.

Advaya by The House of Angadi

The fashion studio of Bengaluru, Advaya by The House of Angadi has been catapulted into the limelight by Deepika Padukone, who appeared at her wedding wearing their remarkable Kanjeevaram piece. Coming into the arena 600 years ago, this heritage label had been draping royals. Elite for handcrafted sarees and accessories and for fashion products, Advaya represents a traditional touch with a modern flavour. Their heritage lives in every detail of the hand-carved product through which they tell the stories of cultural wealth and aesthetic values. 

Bullion Knot Dresses

Since 2020, Bullion Knot has been embroidering modern Indian designs with hand-woven fabric. Whether it's the classic beauty of silk and organza sarees or the comfortable chic of the Kalamkari dress and exceptional half saree lehenga, their collection perfectly balances the traditional look with a trendy twist. Celebrating ancient methods of dyeing and embellishments, Bullion Knot returns to its original roots, which are to keep the artisan trade afloat.


Karagiri, a store focused on celebrating India’s heritage, sells handmade clothes from artisans across the country. Spanning continents, Karagiri delivers the core Indian beauty to homes everywhere. From Mumbai to the USA, the UK to Australia, and Canada to Dubai, they ensure smooth and hassle-free shipping of original and exotic designs. In the age of online shopping, authenticity and accuracy, become the worries of customers. They always ensure that the offered products are always authentic and look just like in the images displayed.


Established in the year 1928, Nalli has carved out a niche in fabrics and retailing, renowned for its exceptional silks. Its 90-year history makes it a national brand that is a symbol of tradition. As the premier supplier of fine silk, It continues to promote genuine craftsmanship and artistry. holds the 50+ years old fashion legacy of Asopalav as it takes the Indian sarees, handloom and traditional arts to a global platform. Their motive is to let people shop for all kinds of Indian sarees at their convenience. If you’re someone who wants to celebrate the diversity of culture, they have a saree for every style.

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