Bullion Knot - Diwali Ethnic Wardrobe Sale: 11 Tips for Selecting Your Anarkali Dress

Diwali Ethnic Wardrobe Sale: 11 Tips for Selecting Your Anarkali Dress

Picture this: You, in a beautiful Anarkali dress with its flowing silhouette and intricate details, stealing the spotlight at Diwali festivities. Who will set their eyes off of you? No-one.  But here's the catch – with so many Anarkali dresses to choose from, how do you pick the one that'll make you shine as bright as a Diwali diya?

In this blog post, you can discover the 11 fantastic tips or useful hecks to pick the right anarkali dress that’s specifically made for you. It is diwali, you can only celebrate once a year, not every time it rings a bell, so do it with the well made care of you. Read on!

Why are Anarkali dresses perfect for Diwali

Anarkali dresses have become a popular and delightful choice for celebrating Diwali, and there are several compelling reasons behind this trend. Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in India, and it is a time for joy, festivity, and family gatherings. Women often prefer to wear traditional and elegant outfits to mark this auspicious occasion, and Anarkali dresses perfectly fit the bill. Here are some reasons why Anarkali dresses are a go-to choice for many women during Diwali:

  1. First and foremost, during Diwali, you'll find some great deals on party wear Anarkali dresses. They have a natural grace that fits perfectly with the festive spirit. Diwali is all about tradition and splendour, and these dresses bring that timeless charm to the forefront.

  2. These Anarkali dresses are comfy and look fantastic, with their flowing designs. Whether you're dancing or simply hanging out with friends and family, you'll feel at ease in one of these dresses.

  3. These dresses often come with beautiful embroidery and vibrant colours, adding some sparkle to your Diwali celebrations. It's like wearing a piece of art, and you'll surely stand out in the crowd.

  4. The best part is that you can easily find ready-made Anarkali suits online. You have a range of options, whether you prefer a classic, traditional look or want to add a modern twist with chiffon Anarkali dresses. You'll discover the perfect Anarkali dress to match your style for this Diwali.

11 Tips to Pick your Dream Anarkali for this Diwali

Searching for the ideal Anarkali dress to celebrate Diwali in style? Our comprehensive guide provides you with 11 essential tips, ensuring you make a stunning fashion statement during the festivities.

Tip 1: Diwali Anarkali Dress Code

When it's Diwali time, and you want to embrace tradition while celebrating with style, choosing the perfect Anarkali dress is key. For that festive touch, go for rich, traditional designs in ethnic fashion that really capture the spirit of the celebration. Think of lively colours, beautiful patterns, and fabrics that feel luxurious. This is how you can shine and make a statement at Diwali gatherings with your anarkali dress!

Tip 2: Comfortable Cotton Anarkali for Diwali

For a perfect Diwali look, go for a comfy cotton Anarkali dress. These outfits are a great choice for Diwali festivities. They keep you cool, making it easy to enjoy the celebrations without feeling cramped. Plus, they come in various stylish designs and vibrant colours that match the festive vibes. So, this Diwali, don't settle for discomfort; pick a cotton Anarkali dress to hit the sweet spot between tradition and comfort.

Tip 3: Flare and Length Tips for Parties

For Diwali parties, choose an Anarkali dress with the right flair and length. A dress with a good flair lets you move comfortably and adds elegance. An ankle-length Anarkali is a great blend of tradition and modern style, while longer ones keep it classic, and shorter ones offer a contemporary twist. Find your balance to shine at Diwali events in style!

Tip 4: Necklines and Sleeves: Anarkali Dress Essentials

Choose your Diwali anarkali dress wisely, keeping it simple. Think about what neckline suits your face, whether it's round, boat, or V-shaped. Opt for either full-length or three-quarter sleeves for that perfect Diwali look. It's all about finding your style and rocking your ethnic fashion game!

Tip 5: Diwali Dress: Color and Embellishments

When picking out your Anarkali dress for Diwali, remember to go for rich, lively colours like royal blue, maroon, or emerald green. These shades bring out the festive vibes perfectly. Don't forget to jazz up your Diwali outfit with some bling – think sequins, fancy embroidery, or shiny zari work. It's like adding the icing on the cake to your ethnic fashion. So, make sure your Diwali dress stands out and shines like a star in the night sky!

Tip 6: Sizing Your Anarkali for Diwali

Don't go too tight or too loose it should fit like a glove, hugging your curves while letting you move with ease. Check the sizing chart, measure up if needed, and pick the right size to rock your Diwali look in style.

Tip 7: Caring for Your Anarkali Dress

To make sure your Anarkali dress is ready to dazzle at Diwali and keeps its charm for many more celebrations, here are some easy-to-follow tips:

  1. Handle with Care: Treat your Anarkali dress gently.

  2. Gentle Soaps Only: Use mild detergents.

  3. No Rough-Housing: Avoid rough handling.

  4. Shady Drying: Dry indoors away from the sun.

  5. Smart Storage: Keep your outfits in a cool, dry place.

  6. Dress Armour: Consider using protective covers.

Tip 8: Dupatta: Diwali's Ethnic Must-Have

You can either wrap it stylishly or use it to splash some colour, just like adding some extra pzazz to your ice cream. Go for fancy patterns, fancy fabrics, and bright colours to catch that Diwali spirit. Your dupatta is like the secret sauce that makes your Diwali look stand out, giving it that classic touch.

Tip 9: Enhance Your Ethnic Look with Anarkali Accessories 

To spice up your Diwali outfit with some ethnic flair, don't forget the magic of accessories. Pick standout stuff like big earrings, bangles, and a bindi for that traditional touch. Grab a matching purse and some fancy shoes to wrap up the look.

Tip 10: Budget and Price Comparison

Before splurging on your Diwali Anarkali, set a budget. Explore various options and compare prices to make sure you're getting the best value for your money. This way, you can enjoy the festival in style without breaking the bank.

Tip 11: Chiffon Anarkalis: Where to Shop for Diwali

Looking to nail your Diwali outfit? Check out The Bullion Knot for some fantastic Chiffon Anarkali dresses. They're the bee's knees for your Diwali getup. This awesome Indian fashion brand has a swell collection of Anarkali dresses that mix old-school and new-school styles. You'll totally shine at your Diwali bash. Their designs are A+ and the quality is top-notch. So, why wait? Head to the Bullion Knot now to infuse some glamour into your Diwali celebrations and make a lasting impression!


Choosing the perfect Anarkali dress for Diwali is an exciting journey. Keep these 11 tips in mind to select the right style, colour, and fit for a memorable celebration. Let your fashion statement illuminate the festival, making it a truly special occasion!

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Bullion Knot is a renowned online fashion brand for the best Anarkali dresses for Diwali.

When picking your Anarkali dress, think about how it compliments your body shape, suits your skin tone, matches the event, and boasts quality fabric and unique embellishments.

Diwali Anarkali dresses often feature vibrant shades like red, deep blue, emerald green, and gold, signifying prosperity and happiness.

Anarkali dresses are super versatile, suitable for weddings, festivals, cultural events, and parties, offering a touch of elegance and charm for various occasions.

To complete your Diwali Anarkali dress look, don some statement jewellery, slip into stylish sandals or heels, and grab a festive clutch or potli bag.

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