Style Your Summer Wedding Saree With Bullion Knot

5 Ways to Style Your Summer Wedding Saree for a Chic Look

As the summer sun emerges, so do invitations to Indian weddings.  And we are all in the romantic struggle of finding the ‘perfect outfit’ for the wedding in the hot summer.

Indian weddings which are known for their grandeur, rituals, and celebration of love, call for outfits that symbolise richness and vibrancy. And what better than a saree to capture the essence of these festivities? Sarees are a popular choice for wedding guests as it provides the ideal balance of elegance and tradition.

But let's be honest, every one of us has a few ethnic silk sarees hidden in our closets just waiting to be worn on the right occasion. So, ladies, let's revitalize them and restore their old charm!

Here are five fashionable and trendy ways to style your saree this summer, so you look effortlessly stunning without going overboard:

1. Play with Blouse Styles:

Forget the regular blouse and choose something fresh like a trendy crop top or a breezy button-down shirt. These modern alternatives add a youthful charm to your look while keeping you cool. Consider flaunting those shoulders with an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder blouse for added flair to your soft silk sarees.

For a versatile twist, layer a lightweight Tissue silk saree for a wedding over a spaghetti-strap camisole and put on a denim jacket for a chic, contemporary vibe.

2. Belt It Up!

If you're wearing a flowy Organza tissue silk saree, add a fashionable belt to the waist to enhance your bodyline. This small detail, however, not only defines the saree but also balances the flowing fabric with a structured and polished look.

Ps: Our silk sarees for women when paired with fashionable metallic belts give the minimalistic high fashion summer wedding looks.

3. Change the Draping Style:

Step away from the traditional saree draping and try something unconventional like the pant-style draping technique. Transform your saree into pants or culottes for ease of movement and a modern edge. Pair your Organza tissue silk saree draped in pant style with high heels and a denim jacket for the perfect fusion of Indo-Western style.

4. Hairstyles That Let Your Hair Breathe:

Your hairdo is either your saviour or your doom in the summer wedding season. Ditch those annoying ponytails and instead do a messy bun that will keep your neck cool, by letting most of the air into it. Also, the bun portrays a casual and effortless look. You can also consider opting for messy loud waves to add an adventure element to flowy sarees or experiment with a half-up half-down hairstyle for an Indian-inspired Western vibe.

5. Accessorize with Lightweight Extras:

Add jewellery and accessories of minimal weight to your wedding outfit that goes perfectly for summer. Besides sunscreen, never overlook accessorizing your face with a chic pair of huge sunshades, as they not only enhance your look but also protect your eyes from sun rays.

Ready to slay the summer wedding season? Explore our collection of gorgeous ethnic silk sarees, tissue silk sarees, Nalli tissue silk sarees, Organza tissue silk sarees, and other luxurious silk options. Shop them now!

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- One can go for lavish fabrics such as silk sarees enriched with elaborate embroidery or embellishments for exquisite feminine attire to wear for a bridal occasion.
- Use bright colours and designs that depict feasts and fortune to celebrate the great day.
- Play around with traditional draping patterns like Gujarati or Bengali drapes for the grandeur of the royal jewels.
- Find your traditional jewellery pieces like jhumkas, chokers and bangles to finish your elaborate wedding saree look.

- Try quirky draping styles like the pant saree or dhoti saree for a stylish look.
- Pair your saree with modern accessories like statement belts or jackets to add a twist.
- Choose modern blouse designs or fusion tops to complement your saree ensemble.
- Play with different textures and fabrics, such as pairing an organza saree with a denim blouse for a chic contrast.

- Choose lightweight materials like organza tissue silk sarees that drape elegantly and don't add bulk.
- Select darker colours and light prints to create a slimming effect.
- Wear the saree drape high on the waist to highlight the slimmest part of your body.
- Use slimming undergarments or shapewear for a smoother silhouette.

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