Bullion Knot: 5 Ethnic Saree on Dusky Skin Tone

5 Saree Colours that Look Fabulous on Dusky Skin Tone

Gone are those days when beauty was prized and reserved for only a particular skin shade. With body positivity and inclusivity on the rise, the new normal is slowly evolving—today it’s about accepting and appreciating all skin shades alike, and dusky skin tone does not leave its mark either, especially in the Indian subcontinent. 

Indian women are fairly blessed with this sun-kissed shade—couple it with the ever-growing fondness for sarees. The outcome is exceptionally flawless. 

Take notes from dusky skin actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Shetty or even Zendaya at the NMACC Gala in Mumbai proudly flaunting sarees at the global event—testifying that indeed sarees have the power in the modern landscape as much as it did have ages ago.   

Apart from the love of all skin waves, we also thank the raging research of colour theories, which has brought to our notice that few colours on the spectrum look uniquely great on certain skin tones. 

Based on our tried and tested research, we present you, 5 saree colours that look fabulous on all dusky skin tones: 

Sarees in Soft Pastel Ink:

Ethnic Sarees in Soft Pastel ink

A hue that no other skin tone will be able to pull off better–pastel pinks. 

Owing to the warm undertones that dusky skin has, this dreamy pastel pink shade generously complements the skin by lending a soft contrast. 

The colour combined with the effervescent and soft flow of party wear organza fabric, makes this pastel saree a true win. The soft shade ensures that you can easily wear it to different occasions, especially for bringing a cool spell on daytime summer soirees. 

Adorn Bright Deep Red Sarees:

Adorn Bright Deep Red Sarees

Reds have been ceremoniously a part of the Indian subcontinent. 

The allure of red sarees, whether in deep, or opulent shades, seamlessly complements the warm and earthy tones of the dusky shade family. 

Reserved particularly for weddings, celebrations and auspicious occasions, the enduring popularity of red extends beyond its religious significance, rooted in a deeper cultural appreciation—the Kanchipuram silk saree as shown here is an example of it. 

Intricate patterns of woven gold motifs, against the red imparts much more depth and beauty to the saree, ensuring its wearer a surreal look. 

The vibrancy of red sarees continues to thrive in the country, emerging as the most favoured colour for its timeless appeal. 

Soothing Turquoise Green Sarees: 

Soothing Turquoise Green Sarees

Another colour on our radar for the warm dusky skin tone is layers of turquoise shades. 

Most shades of turquoise work beautifully along with the dusky skin. Featured here is a tissue zari saree that drapes effortlessly with ease. It can be worn easily for daytime or evening parties, as the green colour blends well for both occasions. 

Apart from being a versatile colour choice, shades of turquoise impart tend to make its wearer look and feel fresh and youthful.  

Opt for Jewel-toned Sarees: 

Ethnic Jewel-toned Sarees

Jewel tones are shades that borrow their palette from the gemstones. Their deep vibrant and saturated colour makes it a luxurious pick amongst the lot. 

And the best part? 

These warm jaded jewel tones look best with the Indian skin tone. A popular choice in Indian history, these royal-coloured sarees, were often a prized possession in a woman’s treasure trunk, often passed down to the next generation as an heirloom. 

The saree displayed above displays a spread of intricacies. Fauna and flora are rendered in rich shades of rani pink, turquoise, silver, and gold, all coming together to present spectacular yards of celebratory elegance. 

Think about Dreamy Lavender Sarees:

Think about Dreamy Lavender Sarees

Lavender-steeped sarees look exceptionally charming on dusky skin. Unlike pink and reds, lavender offers cool undertones that when paired with a warm skin tone, create a beautiful balance, and enhance the overall complexion.  

This lavender saree exudes a regal aura, courtesy of the subtle sheen of the zaree and the tasteful embellishments adorning the borders. While not overly adorned, it carries an allure that is simple, timeless, and simultaneously modern.

Opt to wear this for daytime occasions you can drape it around even if you are stepping out of the house for splendid outings and sightseeings, without needing to find occasions to wear them.

While we've highlighted just five saree colours that beautifully complement dusky skin tones, the palette for Indian skin is a vast and diverse spectrum. The world of colours is yours to explore, so don't hesitate to experiment.

At Bullion Knot blog, we serve as a guide, offering insights and suggestions, but the real magic happens when you trust your instincts. If a colour resonates with you and feels right, and, discard any doubts and confidently embrace the hue that calls out to you.

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