Bullion Knot -17 Stunning Traditional Half-Sarees You Can Wear As A Wedding Guest

17 Stunning Traditional Half-Sarees You Can Wear As A Wedding Guest!

Check out our authentic half sarees online with stunning Indian designs. With 17 ethnic shades to choose from, you're sure to find the right fit. Shop now!
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The wedding season has just begun, and for many of you, finding the ideal dress has been a thrilling process. It won't end very soon, so you should hold onto your best, most recent collections until March. Perhaps this is the season that your sister, brother, friends, or close and enduring relatives are getting married. Would you ever consider that, though, that you ought to be the centre of attention today?

There are times when getting dressed is even simpler for the brides. In contrast to you, me, and everyone else who is attending our relatives' weddings. Despite the abundance of dresses in the wardrobe that you adore, you don't like it and want to wear that dress in front of your loved ones, don't you? We realise the issue you're having and come up with a solution.

We are here to help you in picking the ideal collection for the duration of your wedding season. And you could always be the occasion's centre of attention when you arrive. So why not attempt it?

Top Place to Buy Authentic Half-Sarees Online?

It's special to attend a wedding as a guest. The inclusion of traditional half sarees to adorn the space is truly incredible. It would be easy to attract the attention of those attending the wedding. And become the event's centre of gravity. However, finding the best place to shop quality half sarees is the true challenge. Here's where we get to engage with you. For this wedding season, Bullion Knot has unveiled its 17 finest half-saree designs.

You can find the entirety you're looking for here, including the love-defining "Krushna Vallabh" and the magnificent rendition of Andra Predesh Kalamkari designs.

17 Traditional Half-Sarees Ideal for Wedding Guests

You will have picked a handful of traditional half sarees for weddings by the time you finish reading this. which takes care of all of your needs; worry not about having to think about what to wear to your relatives wedding again. No more WORRIES! 

Pen Kalamkari Lehenga Set

If art and in-depth details are your thing, the Pen Kalamkari Lehenga Set is the perfect choice for you. This half-saree, with its Artefacts drawn from traditional figures and subject matters, will appear striking at any wedding. Designed with bird and animal patterns all over the dupatta. With the Maggam work neckline and Kawdi worked lace on the contrast coloured blouse.

Tilakavati Traditional Half Saree

Add a burst of vibrancy to the wedding celebration by putting on the traditional Tilakavati Half-Saree. The half saree has a beautiful golden zari blue dhavani design with a vivid peacock green colour. This piece has such exquisite detailing in its design. The skirt, blouse, and dhanani are adorned with a large border to reflect the traditional style.

Vedpriya Traditional Half Saree

Be the one 'who is dear to knowledge' by grabbing the Vedpriya Traditional Half Saree from the bullion knot. Without a doubt, this gorgeous outfit would always have been one of our top picks to wear on the wedding day. You will be able to feel the silkiness of the georgette dupatta, the artistry of the Banarasi silk lehenga, and the intricate hand-embroidery Muggam work blouse, all in one.  

Krushna Vallabh Half Saree

Isn't it true that everyone yearns to be their Krishna's Radha? Lovely! Let the bullion knot with  this Krushna Vallabh Half Saree help you be the love of your loved ones at the wedding ceremony. This traditional half-saree displays a full volume skirt and a thick hand-embroidered black blouse with floral cross lines, and Laheriya. The lovely lightweight red bandhani dupatta made of Georgette finishes this look.

Shisha Kalamkari Lehenga Set

Slip into the Shiska Kalamkari Lehenga Set, the one and only outfit that makes you look premium with its handloom fabric. You can set your traditional foot high, With its bold artwork on dupatta in the coordinating rich dark maroon hue. 

Tanmayi Half Saree

If the blouse, lehenga, and dupatta don't all match in terms of colour, a half-saree won't look perfect. This gorgeous Tanmayi Half-Saree has handwork all over it. The lehenga's red border and golden zari, the peacock orange green net dupatta, and the soft dark brown wine blouse. They all work well together to finish off your style. 

Gulbahar Crop Top Set

Put this Gulbahar Crop Top Set on your list if crop tops are your go-to outfits for your friends' wedding receptions. Thanks to the kalamkari lehenga and its long peplum-style top. The natural hue that always looks great on crop tops with cherry red designs. 

Sudha Crop Top Set

A multitude of people would look awesome in this Sudha Crop Top Set at wedding ceremonies. The full-volume skirt, paired with a crop top adorned with Kalamkari prints. And is enhanced by the addition of a black net dupatta that is lightweight.

Mehandi Amravati Half Saree

Will one word sum up the wedding season? It would be this Mehandi Amravati Half-Saree. You'll be able to feel the quality of Pattu silk and the softness of the dhavani in georgette shade. soft and feminine, it's designed with big borders on the skirt, blouse and dhanani. 

Admiral Blue Narayanpet Lehenga Set

Classic and yet another masterpiece of bullion knot. The Admiral Blue Narayanpet Lehenga Set. Narayanpet handlooms filling the space are a must-have for any wedding function. Whatever its context, kalamkari is a superb art form. Among the masses, it will always be unique. 

Firozi Patola Ikkat Half Saree

Similar to Mehandi amravati, the Firozi Patola Ikkat Half Saree is a fantastic choice for the wedding day. This half saree's unique quality lies in its fabric. The rich textures of the Firogi Patola Ikkat are always appealing. The wearer's richness (beauty) will be evident throughout the entire look. That's what it's renowned for. 

Blue Chitravali Lehenga set

The tone of the fabric alone lets the Blue Chitravali Lehenga Set to stand out from the others.The dupatta's kalamkari artwork complements the blue blouse and skirt flawlessly. Without the golden-red border encircling the entire dress, the ensemble would not be complete. 

Shangar Kalamkari Lehenga Set

Not many Half-sarees reside that define traditional figures the way they are, and those that do are very limited. An ideal illustration of a kalamkari dress is the Shangar Kalamkari Lehenga Set. Aside from that, the outfit features a lot of inclusive options, such as the cotton dupatta's floral design and the blouse's mirror embroidery. 

Lakshmika Half Saree

Would you like to see what a real Banarasi silk saree looks like without actually wearing one? The Lakshmika Half-Saree is ideal for that. The red-gold borders on the yellow net dupatta bring the look close to a Pattu saree.

Ankiirutam Lehenga Set

As said earlier, the bullion knot neatly illustrates the traditional kalamkari art works on half-sarees. Another piece of evidence for that, is the Ankiirutam Lehenga Set. The set includes a blouse with balloon sleeves, a dupatta with multiple printed artworks throughout, and a tie-up at the back. 

Bagicha Kalamkari Lehenga Set

You have better options for your next wedding guest outfit if you're someone who likes simple colours with minimal details. The Bagicha Kalamkari Lehenga Set includes a lehenga with lots of prints and a georgette dupatta with minimal embellishments. Ideal for attracting attention!

Manorama Crop Top Set

If you have a knack for natural shades that instil peace and tranquillity wherever you are. Select a Manorama Crop Top Set instead. To complete the outfit, it has been combined with a green Leheriya dupatta and a chikankari crop top. 

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